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Mountain Summit will return for 2023

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Future Leaders Scholarship

We recognise there is a huge amount of upcoming motivated talent out there, with the courage and vision to become inspirational leaders. We also recognise these people may not be able to afford tickets for this event.

That’s why we are offering five free places to people who fit this criteria. Are you someone who needs this leg up? Would you do amazing things with this experience? Or do you know someone who deserves a free spot. 

If so, simply complete the contact form below and you will be sent the application form for scholarships.  Terms and conditions apply.

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Why I created Mountain Summit I

“The next decade, with the changing needs of employees, AI and technological change and globalisation, will get even tougher. If you don’t have the psychology, the strategies, and the ability to execute your plans, you will likely be part of the 90% of companies that won’t get through the next decade.
Scary stuff.

To beat this, we need to raise the conversation. We need to work together. We need to surround ourselves by the best talent and knowledge, in order to survive, thrive, and realise our business dreams. We are all in the same boat.

It may only be three days, but it’s three days that’ll transform you. We’ll explore how to better lead yourself, lead others, and lead your organisation confidently into the uncertain future we all face.”

Nick Wood

Founder of Mountain Summit

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