The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is something we learn throughout our lives. It’s the skills related to self-awareness and awareness of others which are vital to excel in life. We learn these every day from the way that we see others interact with people and how we interact with them ourselves. If we haven’t determined the importance of emotional intelligence accurately, then it can negatively impact the way that we lead and manage a team. 

We want the people that we work with to respond to our leadership in a positive, engaging manner. But, if we lack the skills necessary for communication and empathy, as well as work and energy balance, we might see a decrease in motivation and outstanding performance.

Keep reading to learn more about emotional intelligence, and it’s importance regarding leadership and management in the workplace; whether you’re a freelancer or office worker, emotional intelligence is key. If you don’t understand the term yourself then you can’t be an effective leader, and you might see a decrease in employee motivation.

The Skills

Emotional intelligence is an umbrella term for the various skills that we learn in life that help us find a balance between our energy and work life. Often, overworking or stressing can cause us to burn out at work. Emotional intelligence helps us to be aware of the skills that we need to succeed. We learn how to communicate honestly and directly without fear, a skill necessary for a leader in the workplace who often has to talk with employees. 

Emotional intelligence also means understanding how to take care of ourselves and keep our stress levels down, despite the overwhelming world. We know how to embrace differing personalities and strengths as well as how to balance our performance and energy levels so that we can perform to the best of our abilities.

Connecting with Workers

These skills are vital to us for being an effective leader (or employee) in the workplace. They help us understand our employees more as well as be aware of their mental health and emotional intelligence, too so that we can empathise and support them. Learning these skills helps us reap the benefits both at work, with increased motivation and performance, as well as in our personal lives.

By understanding our emotional intelligence and developing these skills, we can then coach our employees to be more aware of themselves. Coaching promotes learning and will help your team improve their performance in the workplace by finding their balance between work and energy, and encourage them to openly and effectively communicate with yourself. Employees will then start to develop more innovative ideas and approaches to challenges and clients, having a significant impact on employee and customer satisfaction.

Understanding Mistakes

Being aware of emotional awareness also helps us to understand the mistakes that our employees can make. If an employee makes a mistake, we can have an objective view on the situation, looking at both our own and their emotional intelligence and how this may have affected the situation. 

If leaders and employees do not have the skills to develop their emotional intelligence in the workplace, their stress could increase, and they may not be able to communicate their issues or concerns effectively. As a result, there will be a negative impact on their work, leading to the mistakes that you are now addressing together.

With knowledge on emotional intelligence, you can pinpoint the skills an employee lacks, whether that is communication, balance or stress-management. You can then help them to enhance these skills and work towards greater awareness of themselves so that the work that they carry out is of the highest standard. It’s about understanding and acceptance, not making your team feel worse about their mistake.

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